Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Spiritual Meaning Behind "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Gently Down the Stream"

Moving through life, we're told to go with the flow. But...not JUST to go with the flow but to go with the flow...gracefully...gently. This means not to get overly dramatic, not to fight life's pains but to just accept things as they come along. To accept things "beautifully."

"Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is But a Dream."

The idea is to be merry in life, happy, joyful -- almost as a child would look at life in wonder.

In the end, looking back, it all seems as a dream. Life is so short.

The goal is to be happy and, ironically, it doesn't take a lot of work. It's actually about not working at all and just being...

We're all one as we sing this. Row, row, row your boat.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Changes In Life!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well.

I started these blogs what seems like a long time ago. I really enjoyed writing them and, yet, after a while, needed a break.

I needed a break not because of myself needing a break to relax but because I felt that I didn't want to attempt to write spiritual messages if I were not practicing what I preach. I felt that I might have sounded preachy or insincere -- perhaps, even writing messages to myself. I have been encouraged numerous times from my friends and others who have said that people have enjoyed my messages and in some cases, it has helped with their lives for that moment.

So -- at long last -- here I am -- again!!! Welcome back to me!!! :-)

So today I will write about changes in life. My apartment lease came up and my landlord wants to raise my rent $700 more a month. This is New York and this practice is running rampant in the city. So here I am -- in my apartment that I have poured my heart and soul into -- that I have lovingly attached myself so much to -- and that now I am forced to leave. The prices in New York are getting higher and higher -- banks moving in at every corner -- 2 bedroom apartments cost four million dollars to buy. I told my father how upset I was and his reponse was this: "Every sentence has a period at the end of it."

Yes -- it is true and, unfortunately, a fact of life -- everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.

In relationships -- all relationships -- even friendships -- there is the meeting -- the honeymoon -- the course of the friendship -- and the goodbye -- whether one parts separate ways or dies.

In possessions -- all possessions -- whether an apartment, a piece of clothing, a car, a house, a gadget -- there is the thrill of seeing, buying, using, and then it goes in the trash.

In our own lives, there is the birth, the growing up, the death.

So all this can sound so depressing and sad -- a beginning -- an end -- and that's the story, but, it's really NOT the story!

The story is so much more involved -- the story is in the middle where we share the love, learn the lessons, allow ourselves and others to grow and change. The story also is at the beginning and the end for they are one and the same. The great cycle of life -- rolling on and on -- over and over -- recommencing again.

There is so much beyond our attachments to any one person or thing -- there is the joy and love of the moments shared and the letting go and allowing for the next. My apartment has been a wonderful gift and I leave it to move in with my wonderful boyfriend, moving on to the next great chapter of my life!

So the next time you think beginning and end -- try to change that thought to eternity - because we are here forever.

Love always to you and the world!


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Monday, March 20, 2006

We Are All Broken

We are all broken -- dysfunctional -- in some way.

We come into this world to learn lessons -- to grow -- to experience -- to change -- ultimately, to learn about love -- to reconnect to Source -- to serve the world -- to find peace, joy, happiness.

We are not here to judge ourselves or others, yet we are our own worst enemies. We all are.

Many want to blame, criticize, point fingers. Others would rather distract themselves from the work. The path is a difficult one -- the journey of self-discovery and self-work is challenging -- nobody likes a mirror pointed in their face. The ego wants to remain isolated, selfish, alone, self-serving. The part of us that is connected to God wants to connect to the Universal Thread -- thrives to help others -- wants to serve.

We all have our own special way that we can help the world. We all really do care deep-down about "us." In the wake of tragedy, our hearts ring out -- our true nature is sincere compassion. Our desires and needs evaporate the more we give to others. Why wait until a tragedy to become more divine?

Why do we end up hurting others for our own selfishness? Are we evil? Are we wrong? We all have our illusions and distortions, but somewhere within, we all know the truth. We just need to keep seeing those aspects of ourselves that don't serve us or the world, let them go, and connect to the light. The light is brilliant, loving, warm, sustaining -- there is only one light that we aim for -- the one that is 100% loving white light. Anything else, just isn't from Source. Make no mistakes about it -- aim for 100% loving white light in all that you do.

Once you connect to that light, then and only then will you know what love is. Because often love is an illusion, a temptation, a barrier to the true love that exists in the light.

Guard yourself of the illusions and distortions of the world, work hard to connect to your divine path, let go of the parts of yourself that don't serve you anymore, connect to 100% loving white light. Do these things and your wonderful new journey of happiness and joy will be at your footstep.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Inside Out

Everything on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. Everything we see in the world is a reflection of ourself.

If people are angry or nasty to us, chances are we are this way. If people are rude or selfish, we are this way. If people cheat us, hurt us, scam us, manipulate us, more than likely, we are (or have been) this way. On the positive side, if people are happy and helpful and patient and understanding, we are this way, have been this way -- or are heading this way.

Karma means what goes around, comes around. So, what we put out into the world, comes back to us many times over. Some believe in past lives and that the karma can spill over into other lifetimes. Perhaps, the people who are helping or hurting you in this lifetime, played a significant role in being a victim or helper of yours in the past.

Energy is like a boomerang which always faithfully returns to the one who tossed it.

So in seeing the outside world, we notice what is important for our own self-growth. Then the choice -- do we acknowledge and take responsibility and make the change or do we blame the world and act as a spoiled child and do nothing?

So the real question is -- do we really want to change? Some parts of us do, some parts don't. The part that knows we are all connected and we all have a place to serve in this world, that part thrives on change and growth. However, the part of ourselves -- the "selfish separate self" wants to remain the same. That part -- also known as the "ego" has its own agenda and doesn't understand or acknowledge Universal Consciousness.

The ego will do everything it can to hold us back. The ego will stop us from creating our lives in a wonderful way. The ego wants us to see the world in a way that only serves its needs, desires, expectations. The ego cares only about itself.

So to clarify, the ego is the part of us that: cuts lines, is rude to others, curses at others, cuts people off while driving, lies, cheats, steals, hurts. The ego has fights with others, feels it knows better, loves to argue, convince, thinks others should "kiss ass." The ego wants possessions, cars, money, clothes, prestige, position, power. The list goes on and on, but you get the point and even possibly, your ego may be a little disturbed by now.

The Higher Self, on the other hand, is the part of us that is connected to the Universe, God, Source -- the Divine -- whatever you envision as that of all-knowing, all-loving, all-connectedness. The Higher Self is driven by serving others, helping humankind, love, compassion, tolerance, oneness. The Higher Self has no desires other than to find the joy in serving the world.

So we walk down the street and what do we see? We may see the ego-driven aspects of ourselves and it's always so easy to resonate with that darkness, to get distracted by the dramas, to have the fights with strangers to vent the frustrations and angers of our lives. On the other hand, why not look for the mirrors of our true Higher Self? Why not look for the lovingkindness in others, the compassion, the humanity, the opportunity to help at every corner?

If we all began seeing the world in that way -- right here / right now -- wow!!! What a fantastic change would take place overnight! Think about it the next time someone gets your "ego" back, send them love -- probably they have had a disturbing day. Let go of your selfishness and be compassionate and helpful to others and it will only make your life happier, too.

You will see that the more you help others in life, the more you give to the world, the more you smile -- the more everyone will return the favor. It is guaranteed that the more you let go of the fighting, the anger, the ego-driven practices, the more others will stop doing the same to you. You will see that this really and truly works and it brings with it a promise of totally and wonderfully transforming and uplifting your life.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Words spoken by the Ascended Master Kuthumi which were channeled to, and transcribed by, Krishnamurti (Alcyone).

Chapter IV -- LOVE -- Pages 66 to 73.

Three sins there are which work more harm than all else in the world -- gossip, cruelty and superstition -- because they are sins against love. Against these three those who would fill their hearts with the love of God must watch ceaselessly.

See what gossip does. It begins with evil thought, and that in itself is a crime. For in everyone and in everything there is good; in everyone and in everything there is evil. Either of these we can strengthen by thinking of it, and in this way we can help or hinder evolution; we can do the will of the Logos or we can resist it. If you think of the evil in another, you are doing at the same time three wicked things:

(1) You are filling your neighborhood with evil thought instead of with good thought, and so you are adding to the sorrow of the world.

(2) If there is in other persons the evil which you think, you are strengthening it and feeding it; and so you are making them worse instead of better. But generally the evil is not there, and you have only fancied it; and then your wicked thought tempts them to do wrong, for if they are not yet perfect, you may make them that which you have thought them.

(3) You fill your own minds with evil thoughts instead of good; and so you hinder your own growth, and make yourself, for those who can see, an ugly and painful object instead of a beautiful and lovable one.

Not content with having done all this harm to themselves and to their victims, gossips try with all their might to make other people partners in their crime. Eagerly they tell their wicked tale to others, hoping that they will believe it; and then they join with them in pouring evil thought upon the poor sufferer. And this goes on day after day, and is done not by one person but by thousands. Do you begin to see how base, how terrible a sin this is? You must avoid it altogether. Never speak ill of anyone; refuse to listen when anyone speaks ill of another, but gently say: "Perhaps this is not true, and even if it is, it is kinder not to speak of it."

Then as to cruelty. This is of two kinds, intentional and unintentional. Intentional cruelty is purposely to give pain to another living being; and that is the greatest of all sins -- the work of the devil rather than a human being. You would say that no person could do such a thing; but people have done it often, and are daily doing it now. The inquisitors did it; many religious people did it in the name of their religion. Vivisectors do it; many schoolmasters do it habitually. All these people try to excuse their brutality by saying that it is the custom; but a crime does not cease to be a crime because many commit it. Karma takes no account of custom; and the karma of cruelty is the most terrible of all. The fate of the cruel must fall also upon all who go out intentionally to kill God's creatures, and call it "sport."

Such things as these you would not do, I know; and for the sake of the love of God, when opportunity offers, you will speak clearly against them. But there is a cruelty in speech as well as in act; and a person who says a word with the intention to wound another is guilty of this crime. That, too, you would not do; but sometimes a careless word does as much harm as a malicious one. So you must be on your guard against unintentional cruelty.

It comes usually from thoughtlessness. People are so filled with greed and avarice that they never even think of the suffering which they cause to others by paying too little, or by half-starving children. Others think only of their own lust, and care little how many souls and bodies they ruin in satisfying it. Just to save a few minutes' trouble, an employer does not pay workmen on the proper day, thinking nothing of the difficulties this brings upon them. So much suffering is caused just by carelessness -- by forgetting to think how an action will affect others. But karma never forgets, and it takes no account of the fact that people forget. If you wish to enter the Path, you must think of the consequences of what you do, lest you should be guilty of thoughtless cruelty.

Superstition is another mighty evil, and has caused much terrible cruelty. The person who is a slave to it despises others who are wiser, tries to force them to do as he does. Think of the awful slaughter produced by the superstition that animals should be sacrificed. Many crimes have been committed in the name of the God of love, moved by this nightmare of superstition; be very careful therefore that no slightest trace of it remains in you.

These three great crimes you must avoid, for they are fatal to all progress, because they sin against love. But not only must you thus refrain from evil; you must be active in doing good. You must be so filled with the intense desire of service that you are ever on the watch to render it to all around you -- not to people alone, but even to animals and plants. You must render it in small things every day, that the habit may be formed, so that you may not miss the rare opportunity when the great thing offers itself to be done. For if you yearn to be one with God, it is not for your own sake; it is that you may be a channel through which his love may flow to reach your fellows.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day and Nonattachment

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to learn nonattachment. Buddhists practice this by ridding themselves of all expectations. Holding onto an outcome creates suffering. Letting go of the result creates a sense of joy and freedom.

We can be attached to a thing, a person, an idea, an outcome. All attachment heeds the same result -- suffering when things don't go the way we hoped and planned.

Valentine's Day often is a huge let-down. We hope for the most romantic and perfect evening, gift, experience. We want to compare -- share with our friends how wonderful our holiday was -- and yet -- nothing is ever perfect. No person or thing can ever truly fulfill all of our needs. No material gift can truly give us joy. For the most part, we can enjoy it for a moment and then we're bored and ready for something (or somebody) else. This hope of something outside of us fulfilling us -- vs. our inner self fulfilling us -- is an illusion/distortion of the ego. It is not the truth.

The ego always wants more. The ego only thinks of itself. The ego wants to judge, compare, manipulate, take. It's the ego part of ourselves that gets angry and upset when things don't go its way. It's the ego that gets attached. The part of us that is connected to God -- the "I AM" -- only knows love and connection to others. In fact, it doesn't even think in terms of "others" -- it only thinks in terms of "we."

When we come from the "I AM" part of ourselves, we only think about how we can serve others in this world. We learn the true meaning of love, joy, peace. We have no enemies and we wish only goodness to everyone. "May you be happy, healthy, safe, peaceful and free!" becomes our constant mantra. Valentine's Day disappears completely as an isolated day but becomes every day instead. We live to serve and please in our own special and unique way.

What is the true meaning of a relationship anyway? Is it meant as an opportunity to get something -- in particular "sex" -- anytime you want? Or is it meant as an opportunity for growth, experience, change, support? Once again, expecting something from a relationship is attachment but letting go, helping each other, supporting each other, opening to growth is a joyful experience. Few relationships are this way. Most want from each other. They hope to fill each other's emptiness. This constant disappointment leads to break-ups and new empty relationships -- the same cycle again and again. What do you want? Do you truly want to be happy or would you rather just live the drama?

It is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Connecting to the divine energy of love and universal harmony and letting go of the darkness in our hearts is a choice. Forgiveness, openness, love, kindness, concern, peace -- these are all choices. Letting go of the nonsense, the attachments, the ego are choices as well.

So for those who have not met their partners yet and hate Valentine's Day, there are some messages, as well. First, don't be angry -- anger, jealousy, hatred all shut you down, close you off from meeting someone wonderful. You can only meet someone when you are open to meeting someone. Ask yourself -- do I really want to meet someone at this time? If you truly do, then trust that it will happen! See it, visualize it, send a message to your soulmate that you are ready to meet. It really does work if you believe. The second message is a reminder again that nothing and no one can fulfill us. We must love ourselves first. We must fill ourselves with all the wonders of the world first. Yes -- you've heard it a thousand times before but it really is true.

By the way, no matter how wonderful our relationship is, a person can disappear from us at any moment -- nothing is forever. Also, people are inclined to say "my" boyfriend, "my" wife, "my" cat, "my" _______ . This is ownership. We don't ever truly own another -- when love exists, there is no ownership. All are lessons about nonattachment and love.

So enjoy the moment with yourself or your family or your loved one or the whole universe on Valentine's Day! Just love -- just be happy -- just find joy in life -- in the moment -- and your world will change forever!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

To Write or Not to Write

Writers get Writer's Block -- there are moments I get Blog Block...


to write or not to write that is the question.

Is it more important to write just for the sake of feeding my ego to express anything or is it more divine to wait until I am guided to write something for everyone -- including myself -- to resonate with and learn from?

So that is why it may take some time to get a blog.

Also, in my endeavor to learn Tarot -- there are choices. Tarot can be a meaningful divining tool from 100% light or it can be the opposite. I would never want to mislead anyone. I intend to use the cards in a responsible way. I have put them aside for the present moment until I am guided to bring them back out.

Sometimes we feel we must voice ourselves but we are not guided to do so. Yet, our egos persist. If we truly listen to our guides -- if we express and communicate from our heart at the right moment -- that message can be truly powerful and inspiring.